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Membership Annual Membership Dues (US$) Quantity
  CORPORATE GOLD Membership $2,995.00
  CORPORATE SILVER Membership $1,595.00
 CORPORATE Membership $995.00
INDUSTRY Membership (individual) $295.00
GOVERNMENT & Non-profit Organization Membership (Individual) $225.00
ACADEMIC Membership (Individual) $195.00
RETIRED Professional Membership (for retirees of 65 years or older) $55.00
STUDENT Membership $45.00
ISpecial Student Membership (in Developing Countries) $25.00
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ICNT 2004 Registration ICNT 2004 Registration Fees (US$)  
Industry Member Registration $495.00
Industry Non-Member Registration $595.00
Government & Non-Profit Organization Member Registration $395.00
Government & Non Profit Organization Non-Member Registration $495.00
Academic Member Registration $245.00
Academic Non-Member Registration $345.00
Student Member Registration $145.00
Student Non-Member Registration $195.00
One Day Registration $295.00
 Participate in workshops to further advance your professional knowledge and skills
Workshops on November 7, Morning session (AM)  9:00 AM -12:00 PM Afternoon Session (PM) 1:30 PM-4:30 PM Workshop Fees (US$)  
 Fundamentals & Applications of Nanomaterials (AM) $145.00
 Fundamentals & Application of Nanobiotechnology (PM) $145.00
Fundamentals & Applications of Nanoelectronics (AM) $145.00
Fundamentals & Applications of Nanoparticles (PM) $125.00
Fundamentals and Applications of Carbon Nanotube (PM) $125.00
Fundamentals & Applications of Nanocomposites (PM) $125.00
Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property and Company Assets (AM) $145.00
Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (PM) $145.00


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