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San Francisco. October 31, 2006- The International Association of Nanotechnology publicly proposed a comprehensive “roadmap” to nanotechnology development in the 21st Century at the3rd Annual International Congress of Nanotechnology convened at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel from October 30 – November 2, 2006. 

Lloyd L. Tran, President of the Sacramento-based International Association of Nanotechnology -- a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster scientific research and business collaboration for benefits of society - laid out a detailed eight-point plan and roadmap for beneficial applications of nanotechnology at last week’s International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT2006). 

Tran emphasized a practical roadmap would identify the best route for nanotechnology applications; the ability to identify and avoid obstacles and optimize resources; collaborate with partners; maximize return on investment and communicate with stakeholders. 

The Association’s proposed roadmap incorporated an eight point strategic “framework” including the following: 

  1. Foster advanced scientific research & business collaboration worldwide
  2. Focus on beneficial applications & commercialization of nanotechnology
  3. Develop international nomenclature and standards
  4. Build a well-prepared nanotechnology workforce
  5. Nurture & provide capital investment  in promising technologies & companies
  6. Ensure safety & quality assurance of nano-manufacturing processes and products
  7. Study and inform about societal, ethical, environmental & safety aspects
  8. Outreach to stake-holders  and upstream public engagement

The International Association of Nanotechnology also cited a series of economic factors including the fact that small technology-based entrepreneurial companies are a major source of innovation.  It was noted that investors often shy away from applications with lengthy time periods between research and development and market penetration.  The need for public/private funding was identified to support business incubator facilities and seed capital to nurture promising technologies and start-up companies in the emerging industry.


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